Hi! 👋️ I’m an interdisciplinary designer and strategic researcher interested in mediating design and technology to create sustainable ecosystems.

Experienced in product development processes and working with multidisciplinary teams, I see design as a versatile lens to bridge critical and complex problems we are facing today.

I’ve helped make visualizations, products, and services, among other things. I enjoy crafting meaningful interactions and experiences for sustainability, digital services, and social impact.

My work has brought me to Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, United States, and Canada. Recently I just graduated from Master in Design Engineering at Harvard University (Graduate School of Design + School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)

Let’s explore and work our way to land more substantial impact in the future, together. 🙌

Selected projects in...

Transform constant stream of information into actionable insights and creative solutions

Integrate design within interconnected sytems that can be held upheld towards our shared world

Orchestrating the interplay between tangible and digital products for human use

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