Hi! 👋️ I’m Hanif. I help organizations design, launch, and evolve their products + services.

I help organizations design, launch, and evolve products. I offer critical and unique approach across a breadth of work - from contextualizing emergent Southeast Asia markets to unpacking complex design problems in East Africa, I translate consumer needs and harden ambiguous concepts to roadmap and deliver innovative products.

Recently I just graduated from Master in Design Engineering at Harvard University (Graduate School of Design + School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)

Let’s explore and work our way to land more substantial impact in the future, together. 🙌

Selected projects in...

I transform constant stream of information into actionable insights and creative solutions. 

I integrate design with interconnected sytems that can be held upheld towards our shared world.

I orchestrate the interplay between tangible and digital products for human use.

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