A shadow play with sports rivalry

Computational design, Grasshopper, Generative, C#, Exploration, Parametric


An exploration in computational design focusing on surface manipulation, discretization and curve processing. โ€œComputational designโ€ here means an ad hoc set of methods  borrowed from computer science, computational geometry and other fields, and adapted to specific design problems such as design development, fabrication, analysis, interaction and communication.

Project for

Introduction to Computational Design - Space


Togo Kida, Muhammad Hanif Wicaksono

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees logo.

Project Idea

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are known for their rivalries. As we are both outside from Boston and New York, as an commentary, we wanted to create an object that creates shadows of both Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees for this assignment.

Process overview: from points, meshes, and selections using raytracing.

Process Overview

In order to realize the project, the work flow is divided in mainly two parts. The first part takes 3 points in XYZ plane, and generates spheres of meshes. Then, these list of sphere meshes will be used to compute the necessary objects to create the shadows of both Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.


The sphere is converted as a mesh with 10 x 10 division.
As a metaphor, the sphere will later have a texture of a baseball.

Sphere Generation

By taking 3 points in an arbitrary 3D space, we populate the space with numerous 3D points. After that, we generate numerous Spheres to populate in the space.

Sphere generation workflow

Image to points workflow. We are taking the points as a baseline for raytracing component.

Logo dot conversion

Before completing the process, we converted each of the logos into a list of points using grasshopper components. We get the points from using the ImageTracer and constructing grid points based on its alpha channel in Grasshopper.

Shadow strategy implementation using raytracing, and background sketch.

Shadow Strategy

Logo consisted of points are placed perpendicular to the populated mesh spheres. On the other side of the mesh spheres, points are placed that will function as eye points. From every point from the logos, a mesh ray is drawn to the eye points. Then, we will compute the meshes that intersect with the mesh, and use them as the final design.

Shadow Object Generation

In order to compute sphere meshes that create both the Red Sox logo and Yankees logo, first, all of the sphere meshes that consist Red Sox logo are computed. Then, among those selected sphere meshes, another loop is initiated which selects the sphere meshes that also consist the logo for Yankees.

Lighting and Background

We use two spotlight lighting in order to contrast the shadow shapes, and use the shapes similar to baseball field as a background setting.