Augmented Reality-based Audioguide system for Museums

Prototyping, Product design, Wearables, Audioguide, Augmented Reality, Electronics, Concept testing


This is my final project for Industrial design bachelor degree. The topic focus was โ€œHow might we increase the user experience in Museum Konferensi Asia-Afrika, Bandung, Indonesia?โ€ which is a diverging question. Before coming up with a  solution, I started with a design research fieldwork to understand the behaviors and currently available services for the museum visitors, especially for guidance and storytelling - with respect to the available resources.

Project for

Final project for Industrial design Bachelor degree, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Academic Advisors

Achmad Syarief, Dedy Wahjudi, Dwinita Larasati

A typical view of school tour at Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika.
Thereโ€™s not enough room so they sit on the floor while one person explains everything.


The Asian-African Conference held in Bandung on 18 โ€“ 24 April 1955 became a very important event in the history of Indonesian foreign policy and a great occasion for the nation and the Government of Indonesia. Since the conference was held only ten years after Indonesia announced its independence. Museum Asia Afrika (MKAA) was established in order to memorize the venue of the Asian-African Conference that became the source of inspiration and motivation for the Asian African nations. In accordance with its historical value, Museum of the Asian-African Conference is located in Gedung Merdeka (where the conference took place) at Jalan Asia Afrika Number 65, Bandung, Indonesia.


The Museum is one of the most popular tourist destination in Bandung. However, thereโ€™s still a lot of things that can be improved. After observing and researching the problems I found that one of the most painful problems found is the school tour visits, with only one guideavailable to provide such information to a massive group. After doing some research, I did a reframe session with the museumโ€™s curators to validate, narrow down, and identify what will I solve with product design approach.

Early mockup and concept of audio guide.

Design form: antique cameras to elevate vintage mood of the museum


Early concepts involved NFC tags and memento but later scrapped, which leads into a focused guide for a visitor. I went through several iterations until finally comes to the final Concept: Lifelogging camera that records the visit + Augmented reality tags for effortless guidance.

Based from the paper models, I used 3D print for prototyping stage; after measured the components such as Raspberry Pi & Camera Module.

Watch the augmented reality video progress here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwDBP9y1Jaw