Audio-technica RGB headphone & turntable concepts

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A concept developed in summer 2014 when I worked as an intern for about 2 months in Yonenoi Design LTD, Kanagawa Area, Yokohama, Japan. Yonenoi Design LTD (YDL) is a well-established industrial design bureau in Japan, designing products since 1985 – now. They specializes in Audio-visual related products, and Audio-Technica is their main long term client.

The concept I developed in the 2 months period was named “RGB”, consisted of 2 products: Headphone & Turntable.

Project for

Yonenoi Design LTD & Audio-Technica

Product idea and moodboard

Basic Idea

Nowadays, in the market there are lots of headphone & earphone models with up-to-date designs that can conveniently plug & play with the smartphone.
A number of fancy looking products are always in line, but the sound value is usually not that great for the price. On the contrary, the hi-end models are very expensive for most of people; and the “professional” designs are specifically made for sound engineers.


I want to emphasize the luxury and pride of having a good product. A “good” headphone is one that sounds amazing yet comfortable while in-use. A turntable function is to play the vinyl records, the richest sound medium when you’re listening to the music.

Headphone and turntable design, 2D render.

Headphone and turntable design, 3D render.


Models were made from readymade parts of Audio-technica headphone parts & polyfoam model, shaped in workshop. At first I want to make it to a hi-fidelity model but finally it went only through polyfoam because the internship period already ends.